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After banging my head against a quest in The Witcher 3 with no solution in sight, I turned in shame to Google and sought directions.Among the results, I found several guides for romancing the game’s various women, boiling their interactions down to specific dialogue choices designed to take the critical path into their beds.A sex kitten is a girl who has a lot of sex appeal. She takes pride in the fact that she’s desired by men, and uses her charm to get things done her way.She loves making a guy fall for her, and yet, she doesn’t really fall for the guy.Players of Mass Effect 2 might find themselves interested in Miranda, the sex kitten space spy modeled after actress Yvonne Strahovski.After the usual small talk discussing her genetic perfection, her disdain for her father, and evil organizations, she is more than willing to hop into bed with any male protagonist, as long as you have been nice enough not to completely alienate her.She just loves the attention she gets from the guys around her. She may turn into a sex kitten if she becomes single again after a very long and boring relationship that ended with a bad breakup.She may turn on her sex kitten side to put a lid on all the other things that she’s losing control of in her own life.

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