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25-Oct-2017 22:54

Related: The Risky Business of Hiring a Family Member In the end, it’s your company and you can have a policy regarding anything you want, as long as it’s not discriminatory.If you feel that a romantic relationship among your senior executives would impact either of their ability to properly carry out their duties and if it would affect the overall performance of the company, then it’s within your power to create a policy discouraging that kind of relationship.First, a few numbers: A survey said 59% of respondents have participated in some form of office romance — whether it was a one-night stand, a casual relationship, a long-term commitment or all of the above.In a Career Builder poll, 38% of workers said they have dated a co-worker at least once over the course of their career; 17% percent reported dating co-workers at least twice.What exactly is Best Buy's policy toward disability?

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They should also ensure that sexual conduct between employees, even if it is consensual, does not create an unpleasant and sexualised workplace for others.What can companies do to prevent romantic relationships between employees?Although some firms have strict anti-fraternization policies, the real-world answer is – not much.In our organization of 25 employees, there are two sets of couples.

Having couples on such a small staff is really counterproductive.

It is common for relationships and attractions to develop in the workplace.